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Hello there! My name is Johnny and I’m a sound designer for games, currently living in London, UK.

I’ve always been obsessed with sound, whether it’s music or sound effects. I can probably point to Star Wars for both of these. Those films opened my imagination like nothing I’d ever encountered before. As well as loving movies growing up, I also loved video games. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid had huge impacts on me growing up. Later The Last Of Us took me on a journey like no other.

I went to the University of Westminster and obtained an under graduate degree in music performance and then a masters degree in interactive media. After university I was picked up by The Noiseworks (Now called Formosa Interactive UK). I worked on my first AAA – Dark Pictures: Little Hope and I have been with the team ever since working on loads of amazing projects with many more exciting things coming up.


I’m currently with the team at Formosa Interactive UK as a Technical Sound Designer.