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By February 26, 2018 Productivity

In the final part of this mini-series on productivity, I’m going to explore my final daily anchor, Soul. Now, this is more of a reminder to make sure you do something, every day if you can, that truly makes you happy outside of ‘work’. Sure, work can make you happy but it’s important to have outlets and ways to destress that don’t involve work. I feel this is very important otherwise you may burn out. Yes, burnout can happen even if it’s something you absolutely love doing.

So the reason this is called ‘soul’ is, you should aim for this to be something that makes your soul, yourself,  truly happy. Regardless of what you believe in, you could call it your core if it fits better with you. Something that truly makes you happy, down to the core. Mine is playing music. I’ve been playing music for a long time now. I just find I can totally lose myself when I’m playing, sometimes an hour will go by in a flash and I just feel less stressed after noodling around on my guitar. It’s just fun, there’s no judgment. I just play what I feel and it makes me happy. I’ve always had music as apart of my life, my parents love music so much and their passion for it definitely caught me at a young age. I love the film Baby Driver so much for this reason…I’m not going to spoil it but there’s a certain scene in that film that almost made me cry because I love music that much. Music is food for the soul.

Another Thing…

I also think it’s incredibly important to make time for friends, family and hopefully your dog. Because dogs rule. I want a dog. I need a dog. Wait…where was I?

I am SO guilty of getting wrapped up in trying to break into game audio that I forget to go out and have fun. So it’s something I’m a little more aware of now. At one point I was working 3 days in a sound design studio, 3 days in a pub and spent the other day at home. It’s not good. Work hard but don’t forget to look after yourself, your soul and your happiness, because those are important too.



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