Jonathan Bell

Hi, My name is Jonathan and I’m a Sound Designer for video games located in London, England.


Video games have long been apart of my life. I grew up playing games such Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, God Of War, Crash Bandicoot and Gex: Deep Cover Gecko. I’ve always been into games, the stories they tell and the worlds they bring to life with audio playing a huge part in that.  I most likely first noticed audio when watching Star Wars, but there were countless moments when watching films or playing games, that a sound stuck with me. I’ve always wanted to do something in audio, while studying my degree I came to the realisation that I want to make sounds for video games and I’ve been pursuing it ever since.


I have a Masters degree in Interactive Media Practice and an Undergraduate degree in Commercial Music Performance. In my undergraduate dissertation, I explored video game aesthetics and the importance audio plays in immersion. My post graduate major project, focused on building a game audio portfolio, along with a simple sound based iPhone app.


Since graduating I’ve been working as a freelance sound designer. My first project was at a London based sound design studio. Here I was given the responsibility of developing a game audio / implementation demo. Along with developing the demo, I also worked on their other studio projects, One of these being a VR game. Currently I’m working on an animation project as well as an indie game title.


I am currently looking for a Junior Sound Designer position.

Top 5 Favourite Games Of All Time

Final Fantasy VIII

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

God Of War

Uncharted 2

The Last of Us

What I’ve Recently Played And Loved

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Uncharted: Lost Legacy


God Of War

Favourite Sound Design Of All Time

The Last Of Us

Star Wars


Horizon: Zero Dawn

God Of War

Looking Forward To Playing Next

CyberPunk 2077

Last Of Us Part II


Kingdom Hearts 3

Devil May Cry 5